Current Photos

Here are some photos from Sept 29, 2019. Sea Lark is in the boathouse with the masts down. The previously latex painted decks have been largely stripped. The decks themselves are in good shape, but need the remainder of the paint sanded away, new seam compound (or the traditional pitch and oakum which is what the current deck is, it was leaking is why the previous owner painted over it though.)

On the starboard side at the bow is a damaged section from several years ago when a storm bounced the anchor line up so that it caught on the fairlead on the bulwarks. A piece was torn out along with the fairlead. It is painted over and solid, but should be repaired at some point.

The deck has had the hatches and most of the fittings removed. All the pieces of brightwork are being stored off the boat so that they can be refinished.

The beer keg is the diesel tank! Stainless steel and it works great. Means that on the couple of occasions that I've wanted to clean the tank it just means disconnecting it, undoing some ropes, and carrying it in to have the inside of the tank polished.

The doghouse needs to be stripped and refinished. It's a nice design. Not original, but was added in 1965 to allow for standing headroom in the galley.

A couple of interior shots. I've been leaving the hatches off and the floorboards up since it is stored in a boathouse it's not getting rained on and airflow is important in an old wood boat.

I couldn't get this web page layout to allow me to put full sized pictures in, if you would like the original size they are in a zip file at the following link:

Some additional interior photos were requested. Here are a few. (October 5)

This is from the galley looking forward

This is from the main cabin looking back at the galley

Messy main bunk! This is a double bunk and very comfortable. The table is currently folded down and a board goes over the footwell. I have a new set of cushions that I built a couple years ago, but I leave them off the boat while it's being stored. There are 3 cushions, one for the area around the table, one that sits over the footwell, and one for the other bunk.

This bunk where the water bottle is where I generally sleep. The cushion is quite comfortable and although I have not put in a lee cloth, the wood surround provides a very secure bunk.

The forward cabin has really never been used as a sleeping cabin. I put in a secondary spool of anchor line and mounted it over the bunk. The drawers in this area are removed for good airflow, but I have them in storage. At one point there was a head in this area, and the through hulls are still in place (although plugged and I've never had them open)